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The Kenpo Legacy Association is proud to announce the first in a series:

Kenpo Grappling Series - Volume One

The Kenpo Karate Joint Locks - with Technique Applications

This new series breaks down all of the variations of joint locks, holds and chokes used in Kenpo. Knowing the 'Base' technique of how to defend against and apply joint locks is good, but knowing the 'What-If' applications is essential for success in the application of Kenpo's 'Contact Manipulation'.

This work is the definitive guide to contact manipulation - grappling applications of Kenpo Karate. In Volume One we will cover:

    • Precursors to Takedowns
    • Joint Lock Nomenclature
    • Principles of Leverage
    • One and Two Hand Locks
    • Three Hand Principle
    • Finger Locks
    • Wrist Locks (11 variations)
    • Arm Bars ( inward, downward, upward and downward - with variations)
    • Shoulder Locks (3 variations)
    • Bent Arm Levers (3 variations, figure four locks)
    • Hammerlocks (one and two arm variations)
    • Shoulder Locks
    • Leg Locks (leg bar, knee lock, ankle locks, the crab lock)
    • Headlocks (6 variations, the Cobra Hold)
    • Bear Hugs (4 variations)
    • Full Nelson (2 variations)
    • Half Nelson
    • Guilotine Choke (2 variations)
    • Figure Four Choke
    • Front Half Nelson Choke
    • Rear Chokes (4 variations)
    • Scissor Chokes (2 variations)
    • Apparel Chokes (7 variations)
    • Pit Falls to Avoid, and Joint Lock Troublshooting

Our approach to teaching the holds, locks and chokes of kenpo follows a logical path. This work is essential for kenpo practitioners and kenpo instructors.

The Kenpo Grappling Series are also supplemental guides to accompany our most popular Kenpo Sparring Manual - The Master of the Ring!


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Kenpo Grappling Vol. One

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Kenpo Grappling Vol. Two

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