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Kenpo Legacy Association

Advanced Black Belt Kenpo Karate Home Study Kenpo Courses

4th Degree Black Belt Material


One of the motivating factors that practitioners of kenpo enjoy is belt advancement. Over the years we have received many emails and calls from practitioners who get disillusioned after finding that the advanced degrees of kenpo are by either; repeating the same material over and over, being buddies with 'one of the boys in the inner circle', or by buying degrees at high prices and favors. This reduces the truth and validity in ranking and hinders the growth of the kenpo practitioner by holding him back, or stroking his ego.

The Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts has developed a belt ranking equivalency for practitioners of Kenpo who wish to further their belt ranking achievements. To do this, the Elite-Fighters founders have analyzed the belt curriculum and approximate skill levels of the known systems of kenpo, and compared them with the standards set forth by the Elite-Fighters Ranking System. The result of this analysis have yielded a belt equivalency for additional curriculum to 9th degree black belt.

The Kenpo Legacy Association is the authorizing body for the advanced degrees of Kenpo Karate. The Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts incorporates an advanced form of kenpo. The Elite-Fighters System is a perfect method to advance kenpo practitioners. The following table contains the requirements for the Advanced Belt Degrees of Kenpo Karate:

Kenpo Legacy Association
Requirements for Advanced Black Belt Degrees
Black Belt Degree
Elite-Fighters Level
Minimum Grading Level
4th Degree Black - click for detail
Karambit Set #1
5th Degree Black - click for detail
Fighting Cane Set #1
6th Degree Black - click for detail

Grappling Set #1 (two man)
Karambit Set #2

7th Degree Black
Fighting Cane Set #2
Grappling Set #2 (two man)
8th Degree Black

Two Man Single Stick Set
Two Man Single Stick Set
Two Man Sparring Set

9th Degree Black

Two Man Stick and Dagger
Two Man Dagger vs.Dagger
Two Man Empty Hand vs. Dagger
Master Technique of Kenpo Form



The 4th Degree Black Belt Material comprises:

  • Strategic Offensive Methods
  • Reactionary Defensive Methods
  • Practice Combat Scenarios (PCS's)
  • Geometric Combat Theory
  • Pre-Combative Offensive Strategies
  • Complete descriptions of the Grappling PCS's


The Elite-Fighters System brings the focus of what kenpo is about back to the practitioner. Many practitioners lose perspective focusing on which branch of the kenpo tree where an association or instructor is found. The Elite-Fighters System focuses back on the roots of the tree and trims off the dead wood (to follow the analogy). Originally, Kenpo Karate was a complete martial art which included long range kick boxing, grappling, joint locks, take downs, weapons, offensive and defensive methods of fighting and more. Many of the modern variations of kenpo have lost the roots of the complete aspect of Kenpo and have, instead, limited focus only on specialized areas; such as, sport competition, forms, self defense techniques, etc. As a result, many kenpo instructors have blended kenpo with other arts, like Brazilian Ju Jutsu, Filipino Martial Arts, and Tae Kwon Do to fill in the forgotten areas. The Elite-Fighters System have taken a purely logical approach to reviving Kenpo by studying all aspects of interpersonal combat. Whether you are from Parker Kenpo Karate, Tracy Kenpo, Chinese Kempo, or any other modern or traditional derivation of kenpo, you will find that the Elite-Fighters System will allow you to internalize and master the martial arts.

Much more is discussed in the AKLA Certification FAQ's page.

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